Podere Fontecornino is situated at 400 metres above sea level among the beautiful Tuscan hills.It is a bio company that produces apples and apple-derived products. Apples are either employed for local markets or they are further processed within the company to get tasty and fresh juices, or a nice-flavoured vinegar with slightly fruity aroma or a cider, the finest apple wine and dried apples. All of these products are appreciated in Italy as well as abroad.

Selling of our products is made directly (in the store at Podere Fontecornino) or online through the website platform e-circles. You can find a video tutorial on how to buy online in our Facebook and Instagram page (check contact area).

“For the future, I wish that I will continue producing organic with great flavour. All of my efforts are going in that direction with the desire to always give importance to the work I do in relation to the needs of Nature.
For me it is fundamental to get high-quality apples from different varieties which are natural, robust and easy stored, by taking into consideration the principles of organic farming and in compliance with energetic and economic needs.
My apples must contain nutritional and natural properties; they have to distinguish themselves for taste and reach the market as several varieties with a sustainable price”.


owner of Podere Fontecornino


Starting from the 50’s Maria Veit, together with the Gschleier family, grew apples in her Podere in the Bozen area; then she went to sell the harvest to the…(see more…) 


Podere Fontecornino is situated in the heart of Tuscany, 8 km away from well-known vineyards in Montepulciano and 5 min from Chianciano Thermal…(see more…) 


In Autumn Fontecornino apples are harvested in orchards and stored within the company for when needed. We exploit mostly natural resources…(see more…)