Podere Fontecornino is situated in the heart of Tuscany, 8 km away from well-known vineyards in Montepulciano and 5 min from Chianciano Thermal Baths. The origin of its name is referred to water springs (Fonte) from which Etruscans used to get water using a horn (corno).

The good calcareous soil is crossed by a thick subterrain water reservoir which guarantees a strong growth of the plants and supplies water to the small lakes used for irrigating the apple orchards.

Mediterranean climate, the hilly area and a good soil make up a unique condition that can be found in Tuscany.

These natural assumptions create for Podere Fontecornino the ideal premises for growing organic apples having a high-quality value and irreplaceable flavour.

Fontecornino has a long tradition for fruit and vegetable production. Originally, corn, cereals and beets were grown; later, after the 60s Armando Trabalzani started to produce fruit and to sell it in the nearby markets.
The next owner, Celestino Chiesa, continued to produce the same food items and planted peaches, apricots, pears, apples, nuts, kiwi kaki and cherries at the Podere. It was only in 1992 that the Podere was acquired by Martin Gschleier, who started to practice organic farming and slowly substituted the old plants. Since 1996 Podere was already 90% renewed with young apple trees.