Starting from the 50’s Maria Veit, together with the Gschleier family, grew apples in her Podere in the Bozen area; then she went to sell the harvest to the markets in the city nearby.

The nephew Martin Gschleier followed very enthusiastic her footsteps and in 1973 he obtained an area where to grow apples in South Tyrol. In 1988 he was among the first farmers who decided to convert the production into an organic one., because he valued a lot the harmonious relationship between men and nature. One of his main intents was to be able to find a pure, uncontaminated area that in 1992, after lot of research, Martin Gschleier found in Fontecornino, Tuscany. This place was the basis for the organic farming company he imagined. Together with his son Michael Gschleier, in the following years he installed the machinery and the systems for growing apples, for processing and selling. They managed to give birth and develop a very prosperous company of which Fontecornino takes pride.

The Gschleier’s work in the company together with their international team. The field activity is based on deep knowledge of nature. In the warehouse apple transformation and storage takes place in a linear and easy way resulting in healthy harvest, appreciated by consumers with whom we have great relationships.


The customer takes an apple, puts the latter in the mouth and tastes its flavour: for a producer there are no better moments than these because the real aim of our work, it’s the consumer satisfaction.
Here, Nature in its perfection gives us everything necessary for the growth and the harvesting of nice and healthy apples. The farmers do not have any other responsibility apart from sustaining the growth of apples and acting only to maintain their natural characteristics.
At Fontecornino, health is a main priority: fruits grown following criteria of organic farming manifest more value and flavour; both man and nature get reciprocal benefit from this type of environmental-friendly farming.

At Fontecornino nature defines life and man work: in spring, buds start to flower and kind shoots start to grow. In summer, fruits grow and ripe; in autumn, harvesting takes place. In winter, trees rest to save energy and to accumulate new strength for the next spring.
By respecting natural cycles, man work expresses itself firstly through plant cultivation and later in the processing and distribution of food items. Life and work are every time in full attunement with changing of seasons.
The main aim of activities at Fontecornino is to take into account human and nature health, because healthy food comes from a respectful coexistence with nature
Our employees’ relationships are characterized by esteem and respect, sense of responsibility and work autonomy. The same applies to the relationships with our customers and suppliers, because reliability is our maximum aspiration.