Apple is the symbol of a long lasting healthy and natural life, but it is also a representation of love, fecundity, which makes the human soul vibrating since Adam and Eve. Starting from Omero in the Hesperides Garden, beneficial fluxes were described when citing apples. Their consumption was even linked to immortality.
In Ancient Greece the apple tree was consecrated to Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, and its round-shaped fruits ensured love, fecundity, well-being and fortune.

Nowadays, the beneficial effects of vitamins, fibres, acids present in apples are worldwide recognized. According to recent studies, regular consumption of apples decreases cholesterol levels and apple extracts have an effect in reducing the risk for breast cancer thanks to their high content in phenolic acid, whereas flavonoids in the peel limit the risk for bowel cancer.


11 varieties on 15 hectares of land. Since 1992 Fontecornino with its 15 hectares of land rich in nutrients, offers a large production of apples obtained in compliance with the needs of Nature. 12 apple varieties are grown, suitable for both direct consumption and further processing into juices, vinegar and cider. During time, according to our customers’ requests, we selected the varieties most appreciated for both direct selling and processing.
Gala, Gold Rush, Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Topaz, Granny Smith, Pinova, Story Inored , Fuji, Natyre, Crimson Crisp are the ones included in our rich offer.



  • Origin: Kidd’s Orange x Golden Delicious – New Zealand
  • Phenotype: from small to medium-sized, elongated, not resistant skin, smooth, background colour pale yellow, brilliant red cover colour, yellowish pulp, sweet flavour, less acidic, aromatic profile.
  • Flowering season: mid
  • Harvest period: around the 20th August
  • Use information: rich in carotene, vitamin A, cardiovascular system protection. Gala is ideal as snack fruit


  • Origin: Coop 38, Coop 17 x Golden Delicious, USA.
  • Phenotype: medium-sized, elongated, rough and hard skin, lenticels very highlighted, background colour yellow, cover colour red-brownish, pale yellow- coloured pulp, consistent, juicy, from harmonious to sweet flavour, great shelf-life
  • Flowering season: mid
  • Harvest period: around the 20th October
  • Use information: suitable for drying and juice production


  • Origin: seed from Lady Hamilton- New Zealand
  • Phenotype: medium to big sized, cylindrical-shaped, smooth skin, very consistent pulp, juicy, nice balance between sweetness/acidity
  • Flowering season: early
  • Harvest period: beginning October
  • Use information: many possibilities, as fresh fruit or cooked but also suitable for processing into juices, high content in vitamin C


  • Origin: Rubin x Vanda, Czech Republic
  • Phenotype: medium-sized, spherical and flat, smooth skin, lightly fatty, background colour yellow, orange 1/4 to 3/4 cover colour, from striped to washed-out colour, red-orange, yellow pulp, consistent, juicy, bittersweet, nice aromatic flavour
  • Flowering season: mid
  • Harvest period: around the 20th September


  • Origin: randomly found in 1867 by Marianne Smith in Australia
  • Phenotype: Medium-big or big fruit, constant shape, truncated cone. Intense green-coloured, thick peel, big and numerous lenticels, white-coloured, very evident. White pulp, sometimes with greenish veins, compact, crunchy, very juicy and acidic
  • Flowering season: late
  • Harvest period: beginning of October
  • Use information: rich in Magnesium, good for athletes, strengthens memory, suitable for fruit salads, desserts, cocktails and sorbets


  • Origin: Germany, from crossing Clivia x Golden Delicious
  • Phenotype: medium-sized (smaller than Golden Delicious), Conic-globular shape, symmetric peel, green-yellow background colour, Cover color reddish on 50-70% of the surface, striped with waxy spots. Lenticels medium dimension, cream coloured pulp. Optimal juiciness, medium aroma. Nice and balanced flavour, high content in acids and sugars
  • Flowering season: late
  • Harvest period: mid-September


  • Origin: Ralls Janet x Red Delicious – New Zealand
  • Phenotype: medium-sized fruit, round shape, hard and smooth peel, background colour yellow, reddish-pink, red-brownish, striped, almost diluted cover colour
  • Flowering season: mid
  • Harvest period: mid-October
  • Use information: as fresh fruit, suitable for desserts and sweet preparation


  • Origin: obtained from the free flowering probably of the Syn. USA
  • Phenotype: smooth skin, slightly rusty, light freckles. Pulp: crunchy, juicy, good balance between aroma, sugar and acidity (good quality in suitable cultivation areas). Storage: until February in the cold store, until June in the warehouse
  • Flowering season: late, average
  • Harvest period: early to mid-September


  • Origin: cross Pinova x scab resistant variety, France
  • Phenotype: medium-large. Fruit peel predominantly dark red with showy lenticular pulp of a crisp and juicy, very sweet yellowish-white color. It can be stored for a long time
  • Flowering season: late
  • Harvest time period: early to mid-October


  • Origin: Elise x variety scab resistant; Holland, Wageningen
  • Phenotype: sweet and juicy with a delicate acidity. Medium-large size. Mainly dark red skin with showy lenticular flesh of a crisp and juicy yellowish-white color
  • Flowering season: mid
  • Harvest period: end of September


  • Origin: crossing of 2 selections, scab resistant variety USA
  • Phenotype: medium-sized apple, glossy skin, strong red purple ground colour and very crisp flesh. Juiciness moderate. Great flavour
  • Flowering season: late on average
  • Harvest period: October